Understanding the Oregon Individual Student Report

The Student Score Report includes results from the English language arts and Mathematics assessments, which reflect Oregon’s rigorous academic standards. These tests include a wide range of questions and include tasks that ask students to explain how they solved problems. These tests also allow students to demonstrate analytical writing and critical thinking as well as their knowledge of facts. To learn more about these tests, visit the Oregon Department of Education Student Assessment Web page.

Sample Oregon Individual Student Report

The following is a sample Individual Student Report presented for illustrative purposes. Content differs for each grade.

Download a PDF version of the sample here.

sample mathematics student score report front page with the sections below highlighted
sample English language arts student score report back page with the sections below highlighted

Parent Letter and Test Information

section 1
section 5

(1 and 5) This portion includes a parent letter and information about the student, school, and test taken.

Score Ranges and Achievement Levels

section 2
section 6

(2 and 6) This portion shows the range of scores at each achievement level. These ranges vary by subject (i.e., ELA and mathematics) and grade level, and reflect the increased difficulty of the standards as students advance from one grade to the next.

Student's Overall Score and Achievement Level

section 3
section 7

(3 and 7) This portion indicates the student’s overall score and corresponding achievement level displayed in a line graph.

Student's Performance on Claims

section 4
section 8

(4 and 8) This portion indicates the student’s performance within a claim or area for ELA or mathematics. These results, which provide an indication of areas of strengths and weaknesses, should be considered in light of other information about the student’s academic performance, and may be used in conversations with the student’s teachers to think about how you can work together to help the student continue on a path to success.

For ELA, results are reported for the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Research.

For mathematics, results are reported for the areas of Concepts and Procedures, Problem Solving and Modeling/Data Analysis, and Communicating Reasoning.

If the student did not receive a score for any claim, this means he or she did not complete enough items to receive claim scores.